TAILoring photon-phonon interaction in silicon PHOXonic crystals

TAILPHOX project addresses the design and implementation of Silicon phoXonic crystal structures that allow a simultaneous control of both photonic and phononic waves. The final goal is to push the performance of optical devices well beyond the state of the art by this radically new approach. By merging both fields (nanophotonics and nanophononics) within a same platform, novel unprecedented control of light and sound in very small regions will be achieved.


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The project will cover from the development of theoretical and numerical tools to deal imultaneously with light and sound to the application to three high-impact scenarios in the field of ICT:
  • phonon-assisted light emission in Silicon

  • control of photon speed (delay and storage) by SBS in Silicon photonic chips

  • realization of highly-sensitive dual phoXonic sensors

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1st place, in the Raith Micrograph Award 2011 competition, has been granted to our Tailphox partner Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Valencia Nanophotonics Technology Center, Spain, for a Silicon grating coupler, a Microheater on a SOI (silicon on insulator) ring and a Honey-comb phoxonic crystal (read info).


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